A New Kind of Software Architecture

cplace provides a powerful platform that allows solution architects and application developers to deliver business solutions very quickly. Solution architects and developers can access related applications for important business processes. Beyond that, cplace offers a completely new user interface to provide the optimal experience for the various user groups and to integrate into existing data and system environments.

Application Development with cplace
Concept Clara

Business Professional: No-Code

- structures the data model according to her concept and implements requirements herself
- creates individual dashboards

Macro Mike

Process Enhancer: Low-Code

- realizes project-specific workflows
- designs approval processes for his team

Tech Tina

Software Developer: Pro-Code

- implements demanding special requirements
- integrates cplace into the system environment of her company

Shared Source Development

Using processes and tools from open source development, the cplace Shared Source framework helps orchestrate the best talent for your application development. Integrate expertise from your own developers and solution architects, specialized consulting providers, cplace consultants, and core product developers.

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Secure Deployment

Deploy cplace from the public cloud or operate a private cloud in your own data center. Optimize TCO by integrating the cplace server components into existing technology infrastructure and leverage available security tooling for authentication and access control.

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