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cplace readily adapts to your organization and your projects – not vice versa.

It’s time for a new approach to managing projects! With its radically innovative concept, cplace makes unwieldy, inflexible, one-size-fits-all software solutions a matter of the past.

With cplace, you can tackle even the most complex projects efficiently and successfully. Get off to a quick start by using existing solution components and customizing them as needed. What is more, the cplace platform supports on-the-spot, agile development of new applications. Put your users’ professional expertise to work and make them architects of new solutions – with or without coding skills, and put your enterprise ahead of the competition. While you competitors are still busy trying to recruit hard-to-get software developers, you will have your custom apps in place to leverage your competitive advantage.

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The cplace platform serves as a single source of truth and connects all solution components with each other.

Satisfied customers

“cplace gives us the necessary dynamics to bring high-performance and competitive products to the market at the right time – making cplace a valuable competitive factor. This already got other business units interested, resulting in evaluation of roll outs in other units.“

Dr. Steffen Foerster, Head of IT Competence Center R&D Tires, Continental Tires Germany

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"Most strategic projects have overlapping processes that can either block or support each other, depending on how you deal with them. cplace, with its flexible collaboration options, is the ideal tool to handle these situations. Being able to make better use of synergies in strategic projects has an immediate impact on the success of our company."

Guido Koert, Team Lead – Process Management, TRILUX Group

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"MTU normally doesn't purchase solutions from suppliers that haven't been in the market for very long, but from the very beginning we found cplace compelling because of its innovative adaptability not only with regard to schedule management but in other areas, as well"

Isabell Porzel, Methodical Project Management Consultant, MTU Aero Engines AG

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