Monika, Site Manager Ludwigsburg

- Site Manager Ludwigsburg & Strategic Program Manager

Monika, you have been at collaboration Factory from the very beginning. Why did you join the company and how was your journey so far? ​

Indeed, I have been with collaboration Factory from the very beginning of its journey. Even before the company was officially founded, I already put out feelers for clever minds who are also fascinated by the idea of developing a new, innovative business model and revolutionizing the market for project management software. Then everything went very fast. I worked for a leading management and IT consulting company at that time and from there I established the first cplace partnership and initiated and implemented the first large cplace projects in the automotive industry. 

At the beginning of 2018, I joined collaboration Factory as I was managing even more further large implementations at DAX companies. Currently, I am responsible for the development of new, attractive cplace potentials in the Stuttgart region and the sustainable setup and expansion of our location in Ludwigsburg.

As a consultant and project lead you work very closely with our clients and products. What are your core responsibilities and what is your vision for cplace? ​

As a consultant and project lead, I have been responsible for cplace implementations at several large enterprise customers in the recent years. In my opinion, the main task of a consultant is to understand the customer's needs and requirements in the best possible way and, on this basis, to advise the customer on different cplace solution approaches and to make suitable proposals. 

The project lead is responsible for the entire project, but of course he or she does not have to do everything him- or herself. The project team works together with experts from product or project development, operations and support. Nevertheless, the acceptance of a project lead is also dependent on his or her level of expertise in the relevant field. For the success of a project, it is therefore important to always cover both aspects.  

Personally, I am specialized in the professional discipline of project management and have over 25 years of industry and consulting experience in various sectors. For more than 15 years I have focused on the methodology of collaborative project management. This is also the DNA of cplace - collaborative, agile, hybrid. It‘s the basis for our flexible cplace components and apps, which are created in an orchestrated, learning ecosystem. Through the individual design and customization options, the user experiences a WOW effect! 

You also work as a Strategic Program Manager with leading German automotive manufacturers on a daily basis. What’s the most challenging aspect of your job? And what’s most rewarding? ​  ​

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a major transformation. As I have been working with my automotive clients for more than 15 years, I have witnessed many changes and challenges in this industry, however, the current disruption has a whole new dimension. Existing business models are dissolving, new ones are emerging, digitalization, IoT, C.A.S.E., to name just a few challenges. Instead of a large, bulky enterprise software, there is an urgent need for fast, easy-to-use, connected and flexible solutions that meet the high demands for data security and consistency at the same time. This is the unique selling point of cplace.  

As a Strategic Program Manager, I keep the threads across all projects together for my client. What are the best practice approaches in our cplace community? Which cplace solutions are currently being created? How can we innovate and develop cplace as a team? This is very exciting because together, we are shaping the future of companies. At the same time, we need to develop a higher-level superior mindset, see change as an opportunity and be dynamic. cplace not only plays an important role here - cplace is the game changer.

Big enterprise projects can be challenging at times. How do you stay motivated especially in those busy phases? ​

For me, the greatest motivation is the project itself. It is always inspiring to see how fast a team is formed that works with the highest personal commitment to achieve the project goal. Collaboration thereby not only quickly overcomes departmental but also company boundaries between customer, software provider, and partner. In the end, the most important thing for everyone is the joint success and the certainty that it was worthwhile for everyone and that the project will be remembered or receive positive feedback from the users even years later.

Roughly describe a project case that particularly impressed you. ​

Projects are always unique. What interests me in particular are cooperation projects with cross-company collaboration. In the past, I have already supervised some of those, e.g. collaboration projects between international automotive manufacturers or automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Companies that supposedly are competitors align themselves in those projects with a common vision. Despite different corporate cultures, processes, and methods, they work together towards a joint goal.  

This type of collaboration is becoming increasingly important in this decade of disruption. It will be essential to organize yourself in value creation networks and establish new work concepts. cplace optimally supports this type of collaboration and offers direct added value, not only through the possibilities of our platform but also through our best practice apps for cross-company project planning and management.

You are the site manager for Ludwigsburg and responsible for the setup and further development of the site. What are your ideas and expectations for this location? ​

Swabia is well known for its tinkerers and inventors - many innovation and global market leaders come from the Stuttgart region. Therefore, it’s an ideal environment for developing innovative cplace solutions with customers and partners. 

Ludwigsburg is an attractive baroque city at the gates of Stuttgart (15 km north) and offers not only an excellent infrastructure but also the immediate proximity to our existing network of partners and customers. We want to develop this ecosystem in a sustainable way, together with customers, partners and employees from the region, also in order to promote active cross-company exchange in the sense of co-creation.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? ​

It would be amazing to be able to speak all languages of the world. It would be very convenient on travels because language is always the key to the people’s heart. On top of that, it would be fun to talk to my colleagues at collaboration Factory in their respective native languages – we have colleagues from 15 different nations. Or maybe even with our developers in a complicated programming language? 

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