Nadin, Inside Sales Manager

- Inside Sales Manager

How long have you been at collaboration Factory and why did you join the company?

I have been working at collaboration Factory for 7 months now. For me, it was important to find a company that on the one hand operates in the IT industry and satisfied my curiosity for new technologies. On the other hand, I always wanted to work in a company that is young, cool, forward-thinking and global and where people share an entrepreneurial mindset.  And above all, where the individual still counts and where I, as an employee, can make a contribution.

What are your core responsibilities as an Inside Sales Manager?

My job is to spark excitement for cplace among as many people as possible. I have grown a large network of professionals and experts with whom I maintain regular contact. In addition, I establish contacts with strategic customers and conduct sales campaigns from planning to evaluation.

What does your typical day look like?

Most of the day I'm either on the phone, in meetings or networking via social media. In between, I'm constantly updating our customer management tool, strategically planning the next steps, creating reports, or putting the finishing touches to our sales collaterals together with our marketing team.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role? What’s most rewarding?

As I communicate with many people, the biggest challenge for me is to always create a pleasant conversational atmosphere for my counterpart and to keep track of all conversations. Most talks are an absolute enrichment for me, because it is a very pleasant exchange on an equal footing that always inspires me. This exchange pushes me to always stay curious and informed.

You were self-employed for a while and are used to working hands-on. How important are our company values like ‘Teamplay’ or ‚Just Do It‘ to you and how does it work in your team?

Both values are very important to me and our team. Since we are still a small company, it also means tackling things, making decisions, working independently without permanent feedback. In our small team, I enjoy a high level of trust, can try things out for myself and I am required to find new solutions and ways. We challenge each other on a daily basis. The great successes we achieve are due to the fact that we work very well together as a team, have a high level of expertise and are quick to implement.

For people looking to join us in your team, what tips do you have?

Get in touch with me ;-) For us, it is more important that you fit into the collaboration Factory family and less important how knowledgeable you are in project management. I am a career changer and still learning the skills and competencies related to this topic. Les Brown, a very well-known coach and speaker, once said, "You need to be huuuuungry." Being hungry for more knowledge, thinking outside the box, bringing in new ideas, being skilled in terms of communication, implementation, and self-organization - these are all, in my opinion, the most important competencies. You can aquire all the other skills step-by-step later.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I would love to be able to read a book in a minute.

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