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How long have you been at collaboration Factory and why did you join the company?

I am part of collaboration Factory since March 2019 and I first met my future colleagues from collaboration Factory at a job fair in Hanover. At this fair I met our COO Marvin and we started talking and playing table tennis :D During my first talk at the job fair I could already get an idea about how team spirit and open communication are embraced in this company. When Marvin told me about cplace, I got really fascinated by the software. It provides a solution to many project-related challenges that I have been facing myself in previous jobs. With this perspective and the great team spirit in mind, the job at collaboration Factory was a very interesting opportunity for me and I applied. Soon after, I became part of the #bestteam in an innovative tech company!

In which team do you work? What are your core responsibilities?

I am part of our Hanover Consulting Team in the role of a Junior Project Lead. My first weeks at collaboration Factory were all about our software – I learned a lot about cplace by creating different demo cases with my colleagues. In this context, I was directly involved with our clients – which is not something, that every Junior can do. It also helped me a lot to learn about the needs of our customers, which is still an important part of my job today. Once I compiled all requests from my customer, I start creating solutions – even without programming I can already realize about 75% of the requirements. For more specific tasks I closely collaborate with our development teams to create custom solutions for our clients.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role?

Since I represent the connection between the cosmos of our customer case and the development of their software, it is my responsibility to implement the software to perfectly fit our customers’ needs. The major challenge in this context is to find the balance between implementing just as much for the client to map their activities in cplace in the best possible way and avoiding overloading their software landscape. This is really important in my opinion, because one USP of our software is Rapid Enterprise Application Development – that means, we can create new and tailor-made, but lean applications rapidly. And one thing that I love about cplace is the fact that I can develop such applications without being a programmer. At collaboration Factory, you can work in consulting even if you don’t identify as the classic computer science graduate.

What’s most rewarding about your role?

I really like to understand and analyze the challenges of our customers and create tailored solutions in cplace to support them in achieving their goals. Besides that, I also enjoy the balance between diverse, new tasks that provide me with so many opportunities to learn and develop my skills every day. At the same time, there is also some consistency in my role. I communicate with clients, work on cases with my team and create solutions with cplace on a daily basis. However, the projects are very diverse and interesting and cplace is constantly evolving – this way, my job never gets boring.

You are working at our Hanover office. What do you like about the location and your team?

There are several aspects about our Hanover team and office that I really like – our beautiful office in the ‘Pelikanviertel’, for one. The mix of a building from the 20th century and an innovative company creates a very special atmosphere that doesn’t go unnoticed. Almost everyone who visits our office would like to move in. ;) Of course, I also want to mention our inspiring team: Although we are a diverse group with different personalities in different stages of our lives, we all get along really well. We have a lot of team activities, such as our brunches, table tennis competitions, or afterwork events, such as visiting our Christmas markets together. Besides, I also like to work from our other locations in Munich and Ludwigsburg, or from home.

For people looking to join us in your team, what tips do you have?

I really recommend that you stay true to yourself – here, you don’t need to imitate someone or fake something. Just be yourself and try to do the best you can do for the team. I also recommend you to be solution-oriented and positive. If you are stuck in your project or want to learn something new, just talk to your colleagues – they will be happy to support you. We have such a talented team of experts in many fields: Just meet them for lunch and ask them. It is faster and more fun than dwelling over challenges on your own.

You are the youngest consultant in our tech company. How does that feel?

Usually I don’t think about that fact, because my colleagues always meet me at eye-level and give me a lot of credit regarding my tasks and areas of expertise. And in case I don’t know something yet, I can always ask them and learn something new. Therefore, I think that differences in work experience are rather enriching and inspiring my work every day, even if I can’t follow a lunch talk about cars or computer games at one time or another.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

If I could choose a superpower, I wish I could beam myself to different places and save a lot of time that I spend traveling to places. It would be awesome to beam myself to a beach after work or to visit my friends and family – who partly live in Thailand – at the blink of an eye.

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