Jacqueline Cordes

- Team Assistant Consulting & Professional Services

Jackie, you’ve been at collaboration Factory for almost a year now. Why did you join the company and how has your experience been so far?

Coming from a non-IT background, I was on the lookout for an opportunity to dive into project management. What fascinated me about collaboration Factory was not only its innovative product cplace but also the strong emphasis on collaboration and shared team spirit. This sentiment was confirmed from my first job interview on: our company is dynamic, open, willing to grow and always has its customers at heart and this spirit was something I could immediately relate to.  

My experience this far has been amazing: I began working for collaboration Factory in April 2020, right in the first Covid lockdown. Even though this was a very challenging time for all of us  and my onboarding was completely remote, I was welcomed so openly into the team that it never once felt strange getting to know everyone from your living room via screen. Finally getting to see everyone in person, however, was also quite exciting.

What are your core responsibilities as a team assistant for our Consulting & Professional Services?

My main responsibility as the Team Assistant for our Consulting & Professional Services is to help develop and maintain effective internal tools for our team to reach the next level of professionalization. In my first months, I focused on setting up an indicator-based reporting system and currently I’m working on expanding and streamlining it with other teams. I’m also responsible for the office management at our Hannover office, which is a lot of fun, as it allows me to make the team feel as at home in their working environment as I do.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role? What’s most rewarding?

Helping to shape change in this dynamic company is certainly the most challenging and most rewarding aspect of my role. Getting to understand the different specifications and then finding an effective solution to the matter at hand can be challenging, especially if you come from a different work background, but it is also the best possibility to get to know your colleagues and their roles. It’s very rewarding to see how the ideas you brought to the table are translated into an organizational context.

You are working at our Hannover office. What do you like about the location and your team?

The office is not only centrally located, it’s also very stylish. There is so much thought behind every detail that when you first come in you just want to stay! The team itself is so much fun to be a part of; we may all have different jobs and backgrounds, but if you have a question or need help, everyone will find the time. No matter how stressful the day, we'll crack a joke at the coffee machine or maybe play a match of table tennis – in short, it’s just the #bestteam. And, finally, our Friday brunches are simply iconic!

You’re an expert in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability. How well does collaboration Factory live its value ‚Innovation & Sustainability ‘? How does this reflect in your daily work life?

On a small scale, we work as resource friendly as possible at the office, by reducing plastic and paper waste or buying green electricity, etc. On a larger scale, collaboration Factory strives for sustainable growth by using innovation as a major driver. This value is an essential part of the self-perception of our whole company. So, it doesn’t matter in which department you work, we all share the vision that we want to offer our customers the best possible solution using the creativity and drive that every single colleague has to offer.  

You have children. How do you manage to maintain your work-life-balance and make time for your family?

At collaboration Factory, we have great flexibility and autonomy in organizing our daily work by ourselves. I really appreciate that because it gives me the possibility to work full time as well as enjoy time with the family. And since being a part of the #bestteam is so much fun, I tend to share this with my family. Because of this, my daughter feels quite at home at the office and wants to come visit us as often as possible or will jump into a Zoom call to say hi to everyone.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of flying. I always pictured myself soaring through the sky and looking down at the earth chasing by below. After reading Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels, I have added thick woolen underpants to that picture, though.

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