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  • More transparency in automotive development projects 
  • Highest flexibility in the choice of methods
  • Digital working environment that employees are happy to use

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Optimized time to market
Support development and product innovation processes
Optimize interdisciplinary and interconnected work
Optimize interdisciplinary and interconnected work
Create transparency in complex project portfolios
Create transparency in complex project portfolios
The German automotive industry trusts cplace
cplace is the standard software for all German automotive OEMs. Leading automotive and transportation companies continue to develop with cplace to become flexible and adaptable and to expand their product lines.
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  • cplace is based on a modular concept: teams configure, customize and extend the solution as needed - for a quick, easy start!
  • Visually appealing user interfaces with innovative visualizations direct the eye to the essentials.
  • One size does not fit all: Teams and departments decide individually which solution components to use. 
  • Cross-Company Exchange (CCX) enables cross-company collaboration in multi-tier supply chains.
  • cplace is based on the collaborative project management method - the de facto standard in the automotive industry.
  • The software solution is tailored to a complex PEP with many stakeholders.
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  • New requirements and processes can be implemented and deployed in real time. The solutions deliver immediate value to all users. All stakeholders can participate in the design and development process.
  • cplace sets company-wide standards for project and process data and their quality. This enables networking, collaboration and efficient coordination.  
  • Method mix: Teams decide themselves on their choice of methods – from agile to waterfall to a hybrid method mix.
  • Extensibility for other application areas: cplace can be expanded into many other business processes, such as risk management, scenario planning and simulation, or the structuring of mergers & acquisitions.  
  • Single Source of Truth: a central data source without redundant data storage.
  • Simple and efficient collaboration between different teams and departments.
  • Optimal user interfaces for every type of user – from experts to occasional users, everyone will find their digital home in cplace.
  • Real-time status information for stakeholders and management boards: From efficient reporting to individual management dashboards, cplace offers maximum transparency without additional effort.  
  • cplace is easily customizable even without programming skills.
Satisfied automotive customers

„It was the unique mix of functionality, flexibility and expandability that ultimately tipped the scales in favor of cplace, and which we did not find in any other solution in the selection process.“

Christoph Heinemann, Business Project Leader, Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

Case Study

"The specialist department is now an integral part of our internal feature teams. This is only possible because cplace supports us with the right technology - and has done so for four years. Thanks to cplace, we can implement requirements with no-code and low-code very quickly and easily ourselves. This allows us to bring new functionality to our internal users in 3-week cycles."

Head of Management Product Development Process, Automotive OEM

"cplace gives us the necessary dynamics to bring high-performance and competitive products to the market at the right time – making cplace a valuable competitive factor. This already got other business units interested, resulting in evaluation of roll outs in other units."

Dr. Steffen Foerster, Head of IT Competence Center R&D Tires, Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

Case Study

"Last year, we replaced our existing scheduling software with cplace. Subsequently, we added modules for risk management. A maturity management system based on cplace is to follow soon. I always motivate my team to implement as many requirements as possible in no-code themselves. When more demanding pro-code developments are due, we work closely with collaboration Factory to have them implemented there on the basis of our requirements."

Head of the Project House, Automotive OEM

The automotive sector is one of the most project-intensive industries

Electromobility, autonomous driving, car sharing and connected mobility: Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are spending billions to develop the next generation of vehicles to meet the demands of rapidly changing mobility.

The need for innovation is intensifying. Growing competition demands more and more powerful technologies and shorter product life cycles. Product complexity is constantly increasing, as are the requirements for meeting deadlines, costs and quality. Relationships between OEMs and suppliers are becoming increasingly collaborative.

Companies in the automotive industry need solutions that create transparency across complex development processes and support product innovation. Interdisciplinary project management between manufacturers and suppliers also places high demands on communication and interconnected working.

Change is the only constant - the automotive industry invests in innovation

  • New requirements through mobility services: Automotive companies must adapt their processes, organization and IT to the changing market situation.
  • Increasing collaboration between OEMs, BigTech companies and specialized start-ups is becoming essential. The automobile sector is moving away from supply chains to complex ecosystems.
  • Data-driven decision processes: Big Data and AI require change management across the entire organization and structure.
  • Transition to e-commerce or direct sales through digital platforms and other digital commerce solutions.


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