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Next Generation Project Management

Traditional project management tools cannot meet the requirements of agile, decentralized project teams. Modern working methods require a project management software with a lean, modular architecture, which can be adapted to individual user needs and which can be used across the entire supplier ecosystem. Next Generation Project Management tries to meet these new requirements and offers a radically new conceptual approach.

Software and tools for next generation project management must be able to support individual project participants and teams: they should show, inform, coordinate, accelerate collaboration and communication processes and structure the multitude of information strands. They need to coordinate appointments and resources and support cost and risk management. The "Single Source of Truth" principle must be guaranteed when data is provided.

cplace is a powerful software for Next Generation Project Management, which enables numerous applications to be integrated in one system. With its innovative modular system, which can be extended by application development, cplace adapts to the needs and working methods of different user groups. Data is managed centrally and functions can be easily expanded and linked.

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