Hybrid Project Management

Hybrid project management is the combination of two or more methods for managing a project. Usually it is referred to when mixing traditional and agile methods in a project. This combination can be used within projects, e.g. in the sub-projects, but also within organizations, e.g. in different departments of a company. The goal of hybrid project management is to successfully combine the different approaches in the higher-level organization.

hybrid project management

While agile project management gives team members the optimal framework when creating the scope of services, traditional project management reflects the requirements of top management. Hybrid project management tries to combine the advantages of both management systems by combining agile procedures on the operational level (e.g. team managers, team members) and traditional procedures on the decision level (e.g. steering committee, program management, client). The project manager's job is to ensure a smooth connection between the two levels.

With cplace it is an easy matter to combine and scale classic and agile methods efficiently in hybrid process models. All project data can be seamlessly integrated into a consistent overall system without restricting individual teams in their choice of methods and way of working.

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Hybrides Projektmanagement
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