Collaborative Project Management

Collaborative project management is a method for planning, coordination, management and control of distributed and complex projects in product and software development. In contrast to classic project management methods, collaborative project management relies on the personal responsibility and networking of all project participants.

Developed by our visionary founder, Dr. Rupert Stuffer, the method of collaborative project management enables project teams to work together across departments, companies and countries and to cope with the growing complexity of projects. Initial projects with companies such as BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Bosch have successfully demonstrated the practicality and the high benefits of this method. In the meantime, collaborative project management has become the industry standard in the German automotive industry.

The basis of this unique method is the active involvement of all project participants in the planning and control process. The project management defines the project framework by 'top-down' specification of important milestones and key data. The projects are subdivided into small sub-scopes and handed over to responsible persons from the different departments and locations. The involved parties plan their scopes of work decentrally and autonomously, network themselves with other sub-projects and report back 'bottom-up' the degree of completion and the status of the tasks. The principle of decentralized, autonomous control loops drastically reduces the complexity of project planning and control. Information, communication and collaboration replace complex algorithms.

cplace offers a tool framework for collaborative project management. Tailored, flexibly integrable modules for all user groups improve the benefit and thus the acceptance by all project participants - from management to team level.

Paper Collaborative Project Management

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Collaborative Project Management
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