Security and Deployment

Deploy cplace from the public cloud or operate a private cloud in your own data center. Optimize TCO by integrating the cplace server components into existing technology infrastructure and leverage available security tooling for authentication and access control.

  • Configurable password rules and policies.
  • SSO: LDAP or integration into customer’s existing enterprise SSO infrastructure.
  • API access secured via token-based authentication.
  • Multi-level admin: System, application, workspace.
  • Need-to-know access rights ensure protection from insider threats.
  • All admin actions are logged.
Users, groups and permissions
  • Users, roles, role-based permission system.
  • On every level in the object hierarchy.
  • Dynamic permission management.
Security Operations
  • Server hardening.
  • Patch management process.
  • Secure deployment guidelines.
Security Development
  • Security Code Reviews.
  • Regular Pen-Testing.
  • Secure Defaults.
Agile Deployment of software updates
  • Staging.
  • Sandbox.
  • Canary.
Enterprise Scaling
  • Horizontal scaling with standard load balancers.
  • Database engine supports clustering.
Deployment options
  • Public cloud operated by cplace in German certified data center.
  • Private cloud: on-premise running in customer or provider data center.
Server operations
  • SLA assurance and reporting.
  • Integration into customer monitoring.
  • 3rd-level support for on-premise deployment.

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